90 - Gifting and Giving

Chi Omega chapters have a long record of giving gifts to universities to thank them for their partnership and support of a chapter. Just like we do around the holidays, chapters give gifts as a sign of goodwill and appreciation, thoughtful and purposeful in the selection of what it will be. Over the past 125 years, chapters have given some pretty impressive gifts to our educational institutions! Keep reading to see what your chapter may have given to your university:

Chi Omega gave one of the most prominent and recognizable gifts ever to be given by a Greek organization when we gifted the Greek Theatre to the University of Arkansas in 1930, honoring the Founding and our beloved Founders.

Centennial celebration at the Greek Theatre in 1995

Alpha Alpha gave North Texas State University $10,000 to endow a graduate fellowship in the field of student personnel work. 

Alpha Beta gifted $50,000 to restore the University Chapel.  

Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift to Colby College was six wrought iron benches and the establishment of a permanent Chi Omega Book Fund for the library.

Beta Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Louisville was a plaque placed on the front of the Ekstrom Library commemorating the founding of Beta Gamma.

Chi’s 50th-anniversary gift was a portrait of the college president to Transylvania College in 1953.

Chi Alpha’s 50th-anniversary gift was a stone bench given to Tufts University located next to the campus chapel.

Chi Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to Marietta College was a wall sundial to be constructed on the campus, an endowed scholarship, and Chi Omega Court located in the Southeast corner of the William Bay Irvine Administration Building. Wooden benches were built on the inlaid brick patio and varieties of trees and shrubs were used in the landscaping.  Then, for their 75th-anniversary gift, they gave the college a bronze bust of Israel Ward Andrews, who became President of Marietta in 1855 and is credited with developing the College. It is on permanent display in Andrews Hall.

Delta’s 50th-anniversary gift to Dickinson College was a silver service to the administration in 1957.

Delta Alpha’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Chattanooga in 1969 was a set of chimes.

Epsilon Alpha donated a memorial picture to the University which hangs in Dale Hall.  Then, in 1985, they contributed a commemorative park bench to the campus.

Epsilon Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift was a $40,000 scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Annually the chapter awards the North Carolina Distinguished Woman Award, a lifetime achievement award for excellence in service to the community and to the state.

Epsilon Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Tulsa was a tall, three-faced clock that can be seen from all over the campus. 

Eta Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift in 1978 to the University of South Carolina was Westminster Tower Chimes to be placed in Rutledge Chapel.

Gamma’s 100th-anniversary gift in 2008 was a bronze statue to Florida State University, titled “Three Sisters.”

“Three Sisters” statue donated by Gamma in honor of their 100th anniversary on the FSU campus.

Iota donated $1,000 to the University of Texas Memorial Stadium Funds Drive in 1924.

Iota Alpha’s 50th anniversary gift to Southern Methodist University was $1,000 gift for a Listening Room in the Owen Fine Arts Center. Then, the 75th-anniversary gift was two park benches as part of the campus beautification project. They also contribute annually to their Scholarship Fund which is over $14,000.

Iota Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift was a stone bench with the chapter’s name and date by the campus pond at Hunter College.

Kappa Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift was a check for $2,000 in 1972 in appreciation and honor of being on the campus, and in 1975 they donated bookshelves to the library.

Lambda’s 50th-anniversary gift was a distinctive fountain for the University of Kansas campus in 1952. In front of the Chi Omega House at the west end of Jayhawk Blvd., it represents another step in the beautification of the campus. The cost was approximately $11,000 and was given by Chi Omega alumnae as a memorial to the deceased members of Chi Omega. The project was undertaken in 1952.

Chi Omega Fountain at the University of Kansas

Lambda Alpha’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Kentucky was the New Tower Bells and an identifying plaque.

Mu’s 75th-anniversary gift to Berkeley was a bookcase and art volumes for the Art Department. 

Mu Alpha’s 75th-anniversary gift to the University of New Hampshire was three safety lights for the campus.

Mu Delta’s 50th-anniversary gift was a $50,000 endowed scholarship to Bradley University’s Centennial Fund Drive.

Nu Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Alabama was a historic bronze sign marking Marr’s Spring in 1972.

Nu Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift was a grandfather clock given to the library at Pennsylvania State University in 1976. The American tall case clock is 8’2″ high and was made in York county sometime between 1790 and 1810.

Omicron’s 100th-anniversary gift to the University of Illinois called, Chi Omega Plaza, is a walkway from the chapter house to the quad, 145 feet in length with benches, woodland flowers, bricks, and pedestrian globe lights.

Omicron Alpha’s 50th-anniversary gift was a donation to Coe College’s Gage Memorial Student Union Fund.

Omicron Alpha donated books to the library in honor of their 75th anniversary in 1989,

Omicron Zeta dedicated a new campus landmark for Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. On Saturday, October 16, 2004, active members and alumnae presented a commemorative fountain to Arkansas State University in celebration of their experience at ASU.

Phi Alpha’s 50th-anniversary gift was a silver service to the administration of George Washington University in 1953.

Phi Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Pittsburgh in 1969 was a clear plexiglass globe two feet in diameter which is displayed in Hillman Library.

Phi Delta’s 50th-anniversary gift to Mississippi State University in 1986 was the pedestal and base for a statue in the center of the campus, which is also landscaped and surrounded with brick.

Phi Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to Louisiana State University in 1974 was a magnificent sculpture created by the renowned sculptor, Frank Hayden.  Entitled “In Unity Ascending,” it is of rich laminate mahogany, and is a tribute to the five Founders of Chi Omega and their ideals.

Phi Zeta gifted a Greek statue to the Lether E. Frazar Memorial Library.

Psi Gamma gifted a silver punch bowl to Mercer University on the occasion of their 25th-anniversary celebration.

Pi’s 50th-anniversary gift was Westminster Chimes to Ayers Tower at the University of Tennessee in 1950. Ayres Hall was named in honor of Dr. Brown Ayres, President of the University, father of Chi Omega Sisters Katherine Ayres Watson and Mary Ayres Ewell and grandfather of Sisters Harriet Watson Mortimer and Connie Ayres Hewett.

Pi Alpha’s 50th-anniversary gift was a bronze seal of the University of Cincinnati to be cast and placed in Beecher Hall

Pi Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of New Mexico was a new carillon for the Alumni Chapel in 1975.

Portland, Oregon, Alumnae gifted furnishing and maintenance of the Chi Omega Teaching Laboratory at the University of Oregon Medical School.

Psi gifted the Chi Omega Fountain at the University of Arkansas which has five water spouts representing the five Founders of Chi Omega in 1972 and for the 1995 Centennial, Psi gifted five dogwood trees to the university which were dedicated during the celebration at Fayetteville in April.

Rho Delta’s 50th-anniversary gift was a $10,000 endowed scholarship dedicated to the memory of Vera Wise as a gift to the University of Texas at El Paso in 1989. Vera Wise established the University’s art department in 1939, chaired it until 1962, was an advisor to Rho Delta, and a Rho Delta initiate.

Sigma Alpha’s 75th-anniversary gift to Miami University of Ohio was a bridge and benches for the formal gardens on the campus.

Sigma Epsilon donated a piece of artwork by Los Angeles-based sculptor Bruce Gray to Vanderbilt’s new Student Life Center, which had its grand opening in 200, in honor of their 50th anniversary on campus.

Sigma Kappa’s 25th-anniversary gift was a stained glass panel,
executed by Kay Drew Darnell and Lynne Waters Griffey, given to Austin Peay State University.

Tau House Corporation funded entrance gates that offer a beautiful opening from Jackson Avenue to the University of Mississippi campus in honor of all Tau members, and it was dedicated in 2007.

Tau Alpha gave $100,000 to the Ohio University Foundation, dedicating the north overlook addition at Emeriti Park consisting of a covered structure, to the late Ruth Ann Picard in 2004. The gift is the largest ever donated to OU by a Greek student organization.

Covered structure in Emeriti Park dedicated by Tau Alpha in honor of Ruth Ann Picard

Tau Beta gifted a clock to Oklahoma State University called the Chi O Clock.

Chi O Clock on Oklahoma State’s campus

Tau Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift was a four-faced clock to commemorate the founding at Wittenburg University.

Theta gave a sundial to West Virginia University in honor of their 75th Anniversary in 1980. The sundial is located in front of the Elizabeth Moore Hall on the downtown campus of the University. Then, in 2005, Theta gifted a bench, with a bronze plaque, to the University to commemorate their centennial. It rests outside of the Student Recreation Center. A commemorative brick was also added to the walk in front of the Colosseum.

Theta Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift was the Indiana Limestone Chi Omega gates to the new Fraternity-Sorority row at Indiana University.  The chapter also presented an endowed scholarship to the University.

Theta Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift was a gazebo where the first Theta Gamma house stood gifted to Queens College in 1978.

Upsilon’s 50th-anniversary gift was $1,000 to the Chi Omega Loan Fund at Union University to contribute to campus development.

Upsilon Alpha gave $4,000 for the purchase of Harry Bertoia’s Syracuse Nova in 1961, which would be a major step in the development of a new concept in the cultural contribution of fraternal institutions on the campus. It was executed in the artist’s studio and became the featured decoration in the main lobby of the new Huntington B. Crouse Hall.

Upsilon Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift to Rollins College was a wooden Gazebo called “The Chi Omega Gazebo” in 1981, located on the shore of Lake Virginia.

Upsilon Delta’s 25th-anniversary gift to the University of Miami was a portrait of Dr. May A. Brunson, Dean of Women, for its “Gallery of Women” exhibit.

Upsilon Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of South Dakota was a sculpture, USD by Nick Ward, located in front of the Warren M. Lee Fine Arts Center on campus.

USD by Nick War on the University of South Dakota campus

Xi’s 50th-anniversary gift was $10,000 given to Northwestern University for the Centennial Memorial Building in 1951.

Xi Gamma’s 50th-anniversary gift to Michigan State University was a large bronze plaque, on which the names of all those individuals who have been recipients of the Distinguished Faculty Award were inscribed.

Zeta Alpha’s 1974 gift $10,000 to the Ohio State University Scholarship Fund.

Zeta Beta’s 50th-anniversary gift to the University of Arizona was the Chi Omega Steps which were to be a multilevel outdoor stage 35 feet deep and 60 feet wide, of concrete, trimmed in red brick and to be used by the entire university community for social and cultural functions.

Zeta Gamma gifted gates to the entrance of the College of Charleston on their 50th anniversary in 1978.  In celebration of Zeta Gamma’s 75th anniversary, the alumnae and current members raised $75,000 to donate to the new College of Charleston Library.

Chi Omega gates at College of Charleston
Plaque for the Chi Omega gates at College of Charleston

If you have additions to our list of university gifts, please send them to socialmedia@chiomega.com with your name, initiating chapter, and description of the gift.