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Hundreds of thousands of women – One strongly connected Sisterhood. How do we keep track of all of our members? How do we communicate with this many people and foster continued alumnae engagement, conversation, and connection when our organization has grown to be so substantial?

Our database.

Our database at Chi Omega Executive Headquarters is the channel through which we communicate with Sisters, as well as a tool for Sisters to better communicate with each other. The first printed database appeared in the Manual of Chi Omega in 1909. Membership cards came into existence 1917 and were used until 1996 when forms were introduced. The Fraternity first began converting membership data into electronic records in the 1970’s using micro-film. New membership records were entered by Fraternity staff until the implementation of the Chapter Dashboard in 2008, which permitted chapter officers the ability to add new member and Initiation records electronically. The database has changed a lot over the years, but through resources like this we can pull interesting stats, lists for communication, and much more. Check out some of these stats below!

  • We have 281,488 active member records.
  • There are 224,651 total living alumnae with good addresses.
  • We have 30,571 total lost alumnae, meaning we don’t have up to date information on them.
  • There were 2,820,637 emails sent in 2018.
  • The first chapter update sent by email was when Top 5 was created in May 2011.
  • Over 264,000 copies of the Winter 2019 issue of The Eleusis are being mailed out this year.
  • Over 27,000 RIFs (Recruitment Information Forms) were submitted through the database for Fall 2018.
  • Our membership Dashboard was created in 2008.
  • Member search on Chi Omega EveryDay is used daily by national volunteers, advisors, and especially Area Recruitment Information Chairs and State Recruitment Information Chairs to obtain recruitment information.

If your information is not updated, you cannot be contacted regarding volunteer opportunities, events in your area, Eleusinias, chapter updates, or with questions on your recruitment recommendations. Updating your information also ensures you receive your issue of The Eleusis. You can update your information here: https://everyday.chiomega.com/.

Check out one of the fun stats we’ve pulled from our database below!

Don’t forget to update your information to keep up with all things Chi Omega by going to this link:  https://everyday.chiomega.com/.