123 - The Founders’ Cup

“With 181 chapters across the nation, being one of the top five is no easy task, not to mention, our chapters are competitive!” says Christina George, Omicron Mu/Cal Poly, Director of Chapter Services. “The Founders’ Cup is highly sought after and is a sense of pride for any chapter and it’s alumnae. Winning the prestigious honor, sets the bar high for future leaders and members of that particular chapter. The award helps all of our members realize what’s possible when they work hard to improve chapter operations and implement the skills they take away from leadership trainings!”

This coveted Founders’ Cup was created in 2012 by the Governing Council to recognize and reward the continued development and exceptional performance of collegiate chapters. It is now known as the highest honor a collegiate chapter can receive in Chi Omega and is the epitome of chapter excellence.

The Founders Cup stands beautifully in its display cabinet at the Executive Headquarters, both of which were gifted by Alpha Beta/Auburn House Corporation in honor of S.N.V. Anna Buckner in appreciation for her great service and dedication to Chi Omega. A permanent plaque was placed on the cabinet to celebrate their gift in Anna’s honor. The Founders’ Cups awarded to chapters each biennium is a replica of this stunning original that chapters may display in their own chapter facilities.

The Founders’ Cup

Given to the top five performing chapters during each biennium, The Founders’ Cup is awarded by the Governing Council themselves. The recipients are surprised upon the announcement and honored in front of the entire delegation at Convention.

With the utmost care, chapters are selected based on a number of criteria. The Performance Scorecard, a tool to evaluate chapter performance and guide decisions in allocating assistance over the biennium, is a major contributor to who receives the Founders’ Cup. Those receiving the award are usually between 98-99% on their Performance Scorecard, which is no easy feat. There is also a strong emphasis on scholarship and recruitment standings on campus taken into account.

The chapters chosen each biennium celebrate Chi Omega’s legacy of growth and continued excellence. The acknowledgement of exceptional leadership further tightens the bonds of our Sisterhood and illuminates the impact that fraternity life can have within Chi Omega.

2018 Founders’ Cup recipients

2018 Recipients

  • Alpha Beta | Auburn
  • Epsilon Delta | Southern Mississippi
  • Phi Delta | Mississippi State
  • Rho Epsilon | TCU
  • Sigma Mu | Babson

2016 Recipients

  • Chi Epsilon | Evansville
  • Omicron Lambda | Birmingham Southern
  • Phi Delta |Mississippi State
  • Rho Epsilon | TCU
  • Upsilon| Union

2014 Recipients

  • Beta Gamma | Louisville
  • Epsilon Delta | Southern Mississippi
  • Omicron Lambda | Birmingham Southern
  • Rho Epsilon | TCU
  • Sigma Epsilon | Vanderbilt