58 - Owls through the Ages

Perhaps the most flaunted of Chi Omega’s symbols, the owl is a bird of wisdom, reminding Sisters of their responsibility to strive for knowledge and understanding throughout life.

Nancy Walton Laurie Leadership Institute of Chi Omega attendees in the Myth Garden at the Executive Headquarters

A deeper meaning of the owl is instilled throughout our Ritual, but over the years owls have remained one of our favorite symbols to include on… everything. Whether it be the stationary we write on, the key chain we carry with us, or the holiday ornaments we decorate our tree with owls remain one of the most visible representations of Chi Omega on a daily basis.

Mary Whelchel Pierce, Delta Alpha/UT-Chattanooga, with her family donning cardinal and straw attire and festive owl sweaters for their church directory picture in 1971.
The owl on the Chi Omega badge
Owl print sold through the Executive Office in Cincinnati from 1970 until the 1990s. The artist was W.D. Gaither. Notice the X and horseshoe carved on the tree limb.
This owl ornament was the first of many ornaments offered by Chi O Creations in 1990
Early renderings of the Symphony occasionally featured the owl

The owl have always been present on the crest

1967 Tampa Alumnae decorate with an owl statue to host a gathering honoring members of the new colony at the University of South Florida, which would become Theta Theta Chapter.
Chapter house owl decor featured on Bid Night, 1971
Skye Anderson, Tau Epsilon/Puget Sound, proudly keeps a framed photo of a barred owl she caught and released for her graduate program, along with the karyotype of the owl, of which she and her fellow students were the first to accomplish for this type of owl in the 1970s.
My Owl Friend featured in Chi Omega in Song
Owl knobs gifted to the Executive Headquarters by National Archivist, Lyn Harris. The knobs are located in the second floor kitchen for all Executive Headquarters guests to enjoy during their stay.
The Owl was a newspaper released to Chi Omega members regarding Convention happenings and updates
Owls were used on various Fraternity materials over the years
Today’s sleek, branded owl can be found on several items at Chi O Creations and among various Executive Headquarters materials.