21 - 52 Super Bowls, One Superb Owl

By Kimberly Haley, Upsilon/Union

There may have been 52 Super Bowls, but there is only one “Superb Owl” – Norma Hunt, Alpha Alpha/North Texas. She is the ONLY woman who can say, “I have attended every Super Bowl game.” Hunt is an entrepreneur, wife of 42 years, mother to four, and has a passion for a game that is alive and well today.

Like many traditions, Norma’s annual Super Bowl trip has become a record-breaking one for the Hunt family —one that Norma’s husband, Lamar Hunt, co-founder of the American Football League (AFL) and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, was very proud to share.

Norma witnessed the very first Super Bowl game in 1967 between the Kansas City Chiefs, who at the time were a part of the AFL, and the Green Bay Packers, of the National Football League. In an interview with Chiefs Today, Norma reflected on the first game and shared how different the game looked back then compared to today – the game didn’t even sell out!

She witnessed 40 Super Bowl games with her beloved husband, who passed away in December 2006. While he was alive, Lamar went to the trouble to research if she was the only woman to have been to all of the games.

Hunt said, “To him – work, play, pleasure, and fun were all the same word! And he was a hard worker.”

Norma was recognized, along with 15 men at “The Golden Super Bowl,” the 50th-anniversary game, recognizing those who had attended 50 consecutive Super Bowl games. She said, “Many of those men were photographers, sportswriters, media, etc., and back then women were not involved in covering the NFL – but my how times have changed.”

Today, there are women in media roles and executive positions in the NFL. She mentioned the success of couples teaming up to manage football teams together. Additionally, Hunt shared about  Martha Firestone Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions, who, after her husband passed away, went on to manage the team on her own.

As an entrepreneur, a more recent adventure that has taken Norma to new heights has been calling Bidwell Creek Vineyard her own. Hunt reminisced that she and Lamar traveled to Tuscany and Italy, “We were not wine people but the country was beautiful.”

Later, while traveling in Oakland, CA near Napa and Sonoma, she told her husband how much it reminded her of Italy, “the rolling hills.” She told Lamar she wanted to buy a piece of property, and so began the venture of the land they purchased along Bidwell Creek. She said humbly, “I cannot take all the credit.” She gives credit to God for what they call the “sweet spot” in the vineyard, to her vineyard manager, Jim Barbour, and her wine maker Philippe Melka. “These men are highly trained and skilled in their craft and very hard-working,” said Hunt.

Of course, she didn’t want to leave out the strong women who are involved in this business with her. She gives credit to her business manager, Kathy Simpson.

She said, “The wine business is a highly competitive business and there are many women who make the wine and have laid the ground work.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman in this business, because you can do it,” Hunt expressed. She is proud to call her wine Perfect Season, named in honor of her late husband, and is thankful to those who have helped make this dream of hers possible. “It’s been fun!”

Reminiscing over her years as a collegiate Chi Omega, Norma has wonderful memories of friendship and Sisterhood. She believes some of those friendships endure a lifetime.

“I think that is the reason sororities are set a part from all other organizations,” reflecting on the special bond women form with others in their recruitment class, “You truly become Sisters.”

Hunt spoke highly of the leadership opportunities young women are given in Chi Omega. “It’s an incredible honor to be selected as an officer.” She served her chapter as G.H. and shared her leadership roles were great training for her and for her future endeavors after college.

Hunt ended, “I am always proud to say I am a Chi Omega!”

This year will mark the 53rd Super Bowl. Even though the Chiefs won’t be playing, be sure to look for Sister Norma in the crowd as she continues to live out a passion that just so happened to turn into a world record along the way!