47 - Like Mother, Like Daughter

Over the years, only two mother-daughter pairs have served on the Governing Council. Many Chi Omega mothers have been successful in instilling the values of our Sisterhood in her daughter, but it is more rare that she also supports her throughout her membership, modeling involvement at the national level, to the point that the daughter herself becomes a member of the Governing Council.

Mothers and daughters at Convention

Frances Dyer Lyon and Margaret Lyon

Frances Dyer Lyon, Pi Alpha/Cincinnati, served as S.T.B. 1934-1936. Her Chi Omega legacy was passed down throughout her family tree for years. Her daughter, Margaret Lyon, Xi/Northwestern, followed in her mother’s footsteps serving on the Governing Council herself as S.N.V. 1970-78.

Betsy Lyon Ehrhardt, daughter of Frances and sister of Margy, was initiated by X/Northwestern. Betsy’s daughter Libby Ehrhardt Mustaine, Nu/Wisconsin – Madison, was Model Initiate in 1984, which was one of Margy’s most treasured memories.

“Margy was so vibrant, generous, and funny,” says Libby.

Elizabeth Dyer, Delta/Dickinson, was sister of Frances and aunt of Margy and Betsy. Elizabeth was S.T.B. 1936-1952 and one of our longest servings Sisters in the role of S.H. from 1952-1976.

Frances Dyer in 1924 yearbook 
Frances Dyer in 1924 yearbook
An excerpt from The Eleusis featuring Frances Dyer Lyon, Margy would have been one year old.

At the 1956 Convention future Governing Council member, Margy Lyon, sat with Jean Thornton and Saranne “Punky” Penberthy, the only other daughter to follow in the footsteps of her mother serving in a role on the Governing Council. The three women were “Junior Helpers” as collegians. At this time, Margy’s aunt Elizabeth Dyer was S.H. and Punky’s mom, Winnie Bowker was S.N.V.

Margy (far left) and Punky (far right) both “Junior Helpers” at 1956 Convention

Winnie Bowker and Punky Penberthy

“A real challenge faces Chi Omega to maintain its fraternity image. How can this be done? First –Know your sisters. Then know your Fraternity on your own campus and in your state. Be glad you are a member of a national fraternity. Always be proud, but with humility. In other words, be aware of Chi Omega’s purposes. Remember they are the backbone of our Fraternity. The Greek letter fraternity is an invaluable teacher of self-reliance, social grace, and scholarship all welded together by that mystical bond called sisterhood, a togetherness as ancient as the ages,” Winnie Bowker.

Winnie Hopkins Bowker, past S.H., as a collegian at Psi.
Winnie Bowker Featured in The Eleusis

Winnie Bowker served as S.N.V from 1954-1970, then as S.H. from 1970-1976. Winnie’s legacy was imprinted on generations of her family to come. Her daughter, Saranne “Punky” Bowker Penberthy, served as S.N.V. 1994-2000.

At the 1997 Chi Omega Christmas Market Punky Penberthy (middle) was a merchant. She is pictured with Natalie Devero, Beth Lane Anderson, Kerry Johnson, and Serena Cole.
Frances Graham (pictured middle) at her Xi Kappa/Texas A&M bid day celebration. Left to right, her mother Cyndi Penberthy Graham, Iota/Texas – National Model initiate 1982, Isabelle Graham, Xi Kappa – National Model Initiate 2014, Frances, Grandmother “Punky” Saranne Penberthy, Iota Alpha/SMU, and Aunt Rebecca Penberthy Clark, Iota/Texas
Isabelle Graham, Cyndi Penberthy Graham, Rebecca Penberthy Clark, and Punky Penberthy pictured with Frances Graham after her initiation at Xi Kappa/Texas A&M,