92 - Governing Council Jewelry

When a Sister accepts a position on the Governing Council, she volunteers to step into a role that holds decades of history and influence. She vows to give her time selflessly as she guides and supports the Fraternity around every turn.

When elected, each member of the Governing Council is gifted a stunning ring and lent a dazzling badge to honor her and her service and to distinguish her as a member of the Governing Council. Our Sisters wear their rings and badges proudly as if carrying a tangible token of the torch that so many Chi Omega women have carried before them.

The Governing Council Ring

The official ring of Chi Omega, designed by Founder Ina May Boles, is only to be worn by Founders and members of the Governing Council. Each member of the Governing Council is gifted her ring and gets to keep it as a memento of her time devoted to the Fraternity.

The Council Ring, as pictured in the 1909 Manual of Chi Omega
Governing Council rings housed in the Archives at Chi Omega Executive Headquarters

Founder Jobelle Holcombe’s ring is displayed proudly in the archives at Chi Omega Executive Headquarters.

Jobelle Holcombe’s Founders’ ring housed in the Archives at Chi Omega Executive Headquarters

The Governing Council Badge

Each member of the Governing Council is lent a badge to wear. This badge must be returned at the end of her term to be passed on to her successor.

The Governing Council badges, just like the roles themselves, vary. The S.T.B badge is white gold with diamonds, the S.N.V. & S.K.A. badges are yellow gold alternating pearls and diamonds, and the S.M. badge is yellow gold with pearls and four diamond points.

Governing Council badges

The S.H. badge was the first of the Governing Council badges and was originally given to S.H. Elizabeth Orman in the mid-1970s by the Alumnae of Mississippi.

It was later mounted on the crest, as it appears today, by jeweler Jerry Pollack, during the early 1980s when Kirk Bell Cocke served as National President. The incredible nine full-cut diamonds mounted on the center of the badge, surrounded by 14 more diamonds make it impossible to miss!

In all, eight women have worn this badge including Elizabeth Orman, Kirk Bell Cocke, Roselyn Dabbs, Melanie Shain, Mary Ann Frugé, Jean Mrasek, Letitia Fulkerson, and Shelley Potter. As you can see on the back, it can be worn as a pin or on a chain as a pendant.

Next time you see a Sister with one of these dignified pieces of jewelry, know that it sparkles with years of purpose and pride for the Fraternity!