75 - Chi O Creations through the Years

Today we shop Chi O Creations online, after seeing a post on social media or receiving an email. Before the boutique did the majority of its marketing in the digital world, a catalog was sent out yearly. Several of our items have now come full circle and we’re seeing the trends pop up again on college campuses. Check out some of our favorites below and see if you can spot any familiar faces as our models!

Flannel, 1991
Pastel, fall 1994
A family affair, 2000-2001
Anoraks, 2001-2002
Hand-painted baby shoes, 2002-2003
Plush owls, furry friends, 2002-2003
Make A Wish, 2003-2004
Make A Wish, 2003-2004
Scrubs, 2004-2005
Track suits, 2006-2007
Baby tee, 2007-2008

Today’s merchandise is featured online and in our Chi O Creations boutique located in Chi Omega National Headquarters. Some of our longest running merchandise and best sellers are still featured in the shop today.

Check out more of our current Chi O Creations apparel, home decor, and accessories at https://chiocreations.com/ .